How do i update the software?

0) Back up files and database of previous version 

Automatic update (version 2.9+)
1) Log in to your backend with the administrator account 
2) In the sidebar menu, click Update 
3) Click UPDATE NOW! 

Manual update (if the automatic method doesn’t work) 
1) Unzip the new version of codecanyon_XXXXXXXX.zip 
2) Upload new versions of the files by replacing them in the directory of your hosting server being careful not to delete the existing contents 
3) Log out of the backend and log back in 
NB It is not necessary to run the installer again 

If Automatic Update not working try to adjust these PHP settings:
- allow_url_fopen: enable this
- max_execution_time: max execution time of scripts (Suggested: > 300)
- memory_limit: not equal to post_max_size or upload_max_filesize (Suggested: > 512M)